Boat Outings

Boat rides on the Adour River

  1. Puce Come discover the beauty of the aquatic elements with a scientific commentator who will sensitize you to the fragility and the importance of the management and protection of the environment.

  2. Puce These outing are enhanced with technical and scientific explanations, complete with teaching tools ( the functioning of tides, coastal dynamics, etc.)

The boat and equipement

  1. Puce A marine biologist guide

  2. Puce An open 6 meter boat fully equipped and licensed for 6 people. The boat is equipped with an electric motor attached to the base of the outboard motor, making it not only silent but ecological.

  3. Puce Any damage, loss or destruction of material will be at the charge of the person. Unaccompanied children will not be permitted on board.

  4. Puce Annulation clause: Outings can be cancelled by the organiser without previous notice due to bad weather or major problems, in which case the outing will be re-scheduled or fully reimbursed.