Objectives and proposed activities

Since April, 2008, the association LAMINAK of Anglet in the Basque Country has been actively engaged in the protection of the environment by means of educating and sensitizing various groups – schools, individuals and businesses – concerning the environment. To understand is to better protect, which is why we propose the following :



  1. Puce Environmental education to various school classes :

  2. In the classroom : eco citizenry, aquatic pollution, animal and plant biodiversity ...

  3. Outdoors : visits to the tide pools, the functioning of tides, the rivers throughout the four seasons, the cycle of water ...

  4. Puce Public conferences on diverse themes relating to the environment.


Boat rides to discover the biodiversity of the coastline or on the Adour River, with commentaries by a scientific animator during the visits

  1. Puce The boat is a 6 meter open deck all equipped and licensed for 6 people

  2. Puce A plus: an electric motor attached to the outboard gas motor, both silent and ecological.


  1. Puce Programs of scientific follow-ups of the aquatic milieu

  2. Puce Participation in local events

  3. Puce Organisation of discovery outing to the natural sites

  4. Puce Teaching workshops in collaboration with other groups